Doug Taukobong-Olsen:

eka pada sirsasana I stumbled across the Ashtanga practice in late 1999 at Barbican Gym in London and was hooked. A few months later I discovered Kristina Karitinou taught much closer to home at the Brighton Natural Health Centre. She left in 2001 with Julie Martin taking over the program then in 2004 Russell Case assumed stewardship bringing in daily morning Mysore classes. My "day job" led to occassional long stints in London away from my BNHC "home" but thankfully I was able to have steady periods of practice at Astanga Yoga London under the guidance of Hamish Hendry. I made my first trip to the AYRI (now known as the KPJAYI ) in Mysore in 2006 and in 2014 Shri R. Sharath Jois entrusted me with Level 2 Authorisation to share the Primary and Intermediate Series of the Ashtanga Yoga practice. I continue to practice daily and (like many others who have tasted the sweet nectar of practice in Mysore) if I'm not currently in Mysore, then I'm busy planning my next trip there! Many thanks to Louise Ellis, Nick Evans, Sarah Miles and Chris Swain for their help, inspiration and support with this challenging practice over the years.